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yobrain story —January 2000 — 2014 part 2


Being completely a newbie i started a dialog with an investment company in Australia and USA  ..much to my surprise the  USA contact was the chief operations officer for a Silicon valley investment company …..He gave me reams of advice  which enabled me to understand the criteria for funding startups  … i was a long way from being fundable , as was just about every entrepreneur needing backing …. Only a tiny few succeed  …Even then few  make it ..One investor said : ” Of six he funds 3 fail 2 are the living dead and 1 covers the  risk capital ….   ! (  crowd funding  is an answer to pray  ! )

As i had so many ideas and understanding a big problem for both investors & entrepreneurs  was not knowing  if an idea will be successful  ….It was obvious market research can only give a clue ….One investor told me he had spent millions trying to find a way to test ideas but gave up   ….                                                                                                                                  So i decide to solve the problem or at least mitigate it   ….I put all my ideas on one platform ,with the idea of testing by counting the number of hits on each  business idea  . was online for  some years and helped me build a  list of 12,000 from   a squeeze  page ..

I found a team in Davao City  Philippines  who built content for me -they will help with inputting content in

Although the site was not commercially  successful ,it taught me a lot about list building importance of quality content and above all not trying to do everything onself !

During the learning years i happened to meet some one i was able to help ..this resulted in a contact in Pakistan …including contacts in the educational system and use of a building in Mian  Channu  ..This town is a rapidly growing business centre …It will be ideal to test launch yobrain there ….perhaps in October 2014 .  More later ….

In 2013 i had built a prototype of yobrain to incorporate all the lessons i had learnt in the previous  experiments ….  Another  big lesson ,  you have to focus on one aspect at a time ,then you make progress .

The plan is now to have an animation made  to present  on  a crowd funding site ; then upload business idea content ; and present the idea to the crowd …

Good the Animation is done .Its now on the blog under the  link worded   ” Our video “It is also on Youtube under the title  ” Billionaire brains meet to help poor eat  ”

I then  started to find help  could not find it locally or too expensive …The employment laws mean you have to have minimum hotrs …I tried the website and after a little hassle found a company that is ideal , …

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Yobrain story — August 1999 — part 1

We where on holiday in Brixham Devon, the year of the eclipse , having been retired six years and seeking some use for the brain – other than reading about all those clever entrepreneurs who had “Made a difference “.

I awoke one morning with the immediate thought of starting a business  ,and having read a book on the property business using  ..OPM ( other peoples money  ) I decided to ask a bank for some money  …  ” Barclays” was my first choice  ; keep in mind i was on holiday retired , no business experience and had a huge mortgage .

The manager sat me down in his office and then came my stroke of genius .I noticed a picture of the manager standing next to a light aircraft  and guessed rightly he flew aircraft as a hobby I  asked him if he knew who invented the airplane  (  like most people he mentioned  the Wright bros. ) I explained they called Sir George Cayley the real father of flight .  Also i built replicas of his designs now in the Yorkshire Air Museum .

In short i got my loan ; and learnt a big business lesson   — whoever you want to do business with  give them what most of us want   , an interest in us and what we do .

I immediately went to a printer in Brixham and had business cards printed  ..calling the            ” Company ” —– ” Property investment managers ” It sounded impressive !

Back home i rented a postal address  ( which i still have  ) for £10 per month ..Then printed a few hundred  headed business letters   , which i still have …and use !  Thus ended my first attempt at business …..

Next stage my wife wanted a website to sell antiques i had one built and bought a few hundred pounds worth of antiques  .Unfortunately my wife lost interest in the venture , we still have a few pieces left …anyone wants a : “Claris cliff   “?!

The project did result in my becoming interested in the internet and its possibilities ;  I saw immediately that theoretically one person could ” talk ” to every person on the planet with one message .   What i didn’t know , at the time was, it would take  14 years for technology and my ideas to form a practical amalgam to at least make my dream a real possibility.

The next step was learning what the internet was about and who where the commercial gurus building their businesses using at the time primitive marketing methods to induce visitors to their websites and inventing strategies and software programs to test and track ideas /ads.

This  resulted in collecting many reports and trying out Internet education programs ..( I now have a shed  full !

I registered many domains , hoping to sell some ( i never did )  built to test some of my ideas …It was a type of vortal with many links in categories  …I sold some advertising space but it had no original content which is now considered essential to success  …other sites followed including ; ; microstarts;  ( an invention )  ( i sold from that site ) ;    (invention )

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