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Billionaire charity givers — do you qualify ?

There is a world trend among the wealthy to give some , if not all of it away  ; but before you rush to get your portion you need to know if you have the   qualifications , which include  the following   —-
bill gates

Must not have a  water tap  .  Only source of water at least  5 KM away reached by crossing very rocky terrain under a burning sun . Water must  be filthy & include  assorted parasites .

Only  eat   once  or at  most twice a day  ..   food  includes soaked tree bark ; roasted lizard ;  Rotting rice …  (  Thank  you  Oxham  ..   sorry  i mean  Oxfam    )

You have at least three illnesses and no chance of seeing a doctor . You go bare foot .

Your home a hut made of sticks and leaves ..well covered in green mould with constant dripping of water , during & after  raining .

What do you mean you don’t qualify   ? You have all clean water when you want it  ?   You actually bath in it ?  You have  three course meals   everyday  ?  You are under the  free  care of a doctor ? You have ten pairs of shoes ?

Your in Paradise !         There must be an answer to you who  do qualify    see  Our video

PS  ..Please forward this to all your  1. 50 billion friends who also qualify  ..    Mobile devices

to  follow care  of   —   Bill & Ben zo.


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