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Tesco going green with : ” Tesco Ted . “

    Our business idea for Tesco   —   It needs something to catch the attention of young shoppers

It has made its name all thru the years of its service to people as a British international grocery and merchandising retail chain. Since 1919, the famous retail chain has been the place for many to buy their needs. What makes their company stay strong and ongoing is because of their image.

Image plays a big part in ones self especially when that someone is rendering service to the public. For a company like Tesco, image matters to everything the company does. A clean slate and a good reputation are on top of the list

For Tesco, what they did was to appeal on all segments of the market. One plank of this strategy has been the use of their own-brand products, including the up market “Finest”, mid-range “Tesco” brand and low-price “Value” encompassing several product categories such as food, beverage, home, clothing, Tesco Mobile and financial services.

Currently it needs a strategy to entice more Mums and this is one suggestion    The invention of a character called  “Tesco Ted “.

This new tactic, an idea that  will  help conquer the green market. This will be aimed to approach parents and kids in an educational way. And what more could be more adorable at the same time consumer-friendly than a mascot named Tesco Ted?

Tesco Ted is a traveller that teaches kids about the different places he’s been to where Tesco food products are produced and sold. This aims to let the public know especially the parents and their kids about how trusted their products are. It will also serve as an educational program teaching kids how one product is made.

It will showcase the importance of organic food as well as healthy living not only in Britain but the whole world too. It has stores in fifteen other countries and teaching many kids will not only help them raise their sales, they’ve given something in return too. Hopefully, if the idea will push through, educational organizations would approve it in the curriculum on the primary level. With Tesco and Tesco Ted, kids will definitely get hooked to it.


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