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Commercial creativity – writers brain train secret revealed .

The usual understanding  of creativity suggests – the theatre ; fine art ; dance ; the media ; fashion etc  ;  It is true these do involve creativity but the vast number of inventions we use every day  ..Electric kettle ; washing machine ;  mobile devices ; cars . aeroplanes : – etc arise from minds which are just as creative  ,   –   if not more so  .

This post is to define commercial creativity & how writers can enhance their creativity and therefore the value of there work .

First let us define commercial creativity  .That is ideas which when realised add value to peoples lives with the inventor receiving benefit ( financial ) by selling his ideas & often building a business to do so . Further benefit comes in that many may be employed to make the invented service or product available to the consumer .

Just think of some inventions which have made an immense difference to peoples lives :  motor car ;  aeroplane. internet ; washing machine  etc .All from ideas in the human brain !

Although there has been an immense amount of research into how the brain works & this is very important in the medical field  it is not  especially  helpful to writers . Why not ? Because although we use the words ” brain ” & ”  mind ” as tho’ they are the same ; there is a vast difference .No amount of slicing the organ the brain will help discern what the mind is ..This awareness of self .. Neuroscientists have no clear idea  – although there are many theories  , it is true we need a brain to have mind but  we  now  know enough to train the mind via input through the brain .

The faculty of the mind the  -Imagination – is the real secret of creativity .  How can we lay the basis for training ?  Babies ! Yes an understanding how babies learn is of immense help because we now know how the brain is  formed in early life  and use this understanding when we are older

Essentially babies learn very quickly as other than their  DNA   ( which is very important )  everything is new to them ; because of   this fact the neural connections are imbued with emotion  ( every cell of our body  has feelings ) This  greatly increases the chances of retaining the thought   .

This is why babies will often throw toys out of the pram   –  In effect saying :  “You gave me this  recently  , i have examined it    ,  whats next ? ”  This quest for new things is one element in enhancing creativity .

Until recently it was thought brain cells died & could not be replaced ,although even in very old people there is plenty left for  essential activities . However recent research reveals an astouding fact . Brain cells can be replaced ; and the best way to bring this about is to become a ” baby” again !

In other words view the world with wonder , seek to find study & do new things  , really take an interest in life ,  this not only helps enhance your creativity but increases your chances of living longer  .  Studies in closed communities like the Carmelite Nuns indicated the more educated ones lived at least four years longer .

In practical terms writers can increase their creativity by becoming less of an expert  ( read one who is clever in a restricted field  ) To a much more eclectic approach ..Essentially the more  NEW ideas you input the greater the chances of producing some thing new. The rider being you need to feel  have real passion for the new thing whatever that is .

The proof of the above comment is evident in the lives of nearly all inventors :  Edison ; Newton ; Einstein  –   He worked in a patent office for some years  ) : Faraday ; leonardo :

All studied a variety of subjects , were curious about life .  input   many NEW  ideas  with feeling  add imagination  =  creativity  .


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