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The eternal student – part 1 .

The Eternal Student-Part 1

In case you have never heard of John Reese  – He’s the first Guy to generate over $  1 million in less than 24 hours  on 17th August 2004 ; with the release of an information product .

Although this is over 10 years ago we can learn a valuable lesson from his comments .. John’s ” Overnight success  ”  was really the result of over 16 years experience in marketing . You might think he would be satisfied ? But his comments on a newsletter soon after the event suggests otherwise – and goes some way to explaining his achievement .

Research & learn new strategies & methods

One of the most powerful ways to leverage the “Brain power ” of others is to study what they are doing . It is critical that you constantly seek new ideas & strategies . One of the best ways to do that is to actually buy products .

Many people cry & moan about  “spending too much money on courses and info products ;

They just dont get it …

If you can learn just ONE new strategy or technique from a product that you can immediately add to your ” gradual improvement “process and make more money ,on a day to day basis ; YOU MUST DO IT. The price you end up paying for a marketing course or new e-book is PENNIES compared to what it can produce for you in additional profits .

The problem is that most people that buy marketing courses and training  DONT USE IT . Thats right ; they dont take any action to use it in their business. So of course , they are wasting their money !

I personally , buy  ” EVERYTHING “I can get my hands on . If you come out with a marketing course or product that promises to teach something you’ve figured out, Ill buy it RIGHT NOW .

Why ? Because all i have to do is ream one little new thing from you to make a fortune  from it .I am constantly seeking positive results that are created by new strategies; and so should you .

Marketing courses and products yield one of the highest returns on investmentin the world .But you have to apply the new ideas.

A lot of people cry and moan when they buy a new marketing product and say ; “Man , that sucked , most of what was in that product i already knew “.

HELLO DOWN TO EARTH DUMMY ..the true valuei is in the few NEW IDEAS that the product contains . People shoundn’t be so quick to focus on things they already know, they should be seeking  NEW  ideas and things they can immediately implement to make more money .”

End of quote  . ( John Reese  )

The attitude of wilingness to learn, irrespective of current achievements is a main characteristic of the majority of highly successful entrepreneurs , they continually seek out sources of new ideas , trends in info . products .

It is one of the best ways of increasing assets – be it intellectual property  ; co – ventures; co – publishing  ; new marketing strategies ; with the intention of adopting elements own services  or products or inventing new ones .

This learning progress is never ending and richly rewarding as the success of these ” Eternal students “testify to  Being called a student might seem , to some to suggest a beginner or immature person but the tag “Eternal Student ” Is really a compliment  suggesting open mindness  –  some one willing to consider that others have brilliant ideas which when adopted / modified will enhance your business .

This eager to learn attitude has other benefits as others will more readily contact you as you buy assets and ( perhaps ) promote their products , strategies – the more products you review and assess the more you have to select to use or do Co ventures ;  Education – ” On the fly  ! ”

You will have noticed the word new in bold a number of times , what John Reese & others may not have known is how the Brain responds to new ideas  ..In fact the brain is changed by new ideas when applied with passion ..The mission of is based on this –We call this :  “ Parallel leverage

Ideas beget ideas  but they must be new with feeling ….more in the:  User guide  &  The 12  Animation training modules .


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Sign of a tsunami – a little bird told me !



What lessons can be learned from the terrible disaster  which struck Asia on December 26th 2004 ?  Especially is it possible to have early warning systems in place & save lives should such an event happen again  ?

It is true there has been much research done & systems set up to give early warning   –  However  there can be  problems with man made devices ; a tropical storm could put fine tuned technology out of action ; generators can be destroyed by flooding , etc .

I recently visited a relative who mentioned that in a recent disaster no animals died . Whilst another asked : ” What happened to the animals ? ” Up to then i had not thought  about animals in disaster areas but it brought to mind the  “St Helena ” volcano eruption some years ago when some tourists had died  but no animals .

St Helena  volcano eruption

A report described the frantic rush of aimals & other creatures away from the volcano effected area . This exodus , included snakes ; insects & birds – leaving an eerie silence some HOURS  before the final explosion which killed the tourists.

Further research shows that there is an immense body of information , giving compelling evidence that early warning of impending disasters is given by wild life .  The following account relates to the tsunami of 2004 .

Early warning in action .                                                                                                                                   There is an Island called ” Sentinal ” Between India & Burma -It is inhabited by a 100 strong tribe  who survived theTsunami , thanks to skills reading the natural environment . “They knew immediately some thing was wrong . ” Said a relief worker .                                         Hours before the killer wave  landed  some tribes people were hunting in the forest, others across shallow water seeking marine food . Then streams of ants & other insects began pouring out of the ground and  headed uphill – soon after the sea receded- the Sentinelese followed the ants example , all were safe when the tsunami struck .

  Is it now possible to think of a  disaster warning business with both commercial and humanitarian implications ?

How satisfying to invent something to save ,perhaps thousands of lives every few years .The creatures themselves already comprise the early warning  trigger in ALL areas (  This is so important because tens of thousands of tourists are in areas were no man made early warning system are available . )                                                                                                                              It requires  real creative thinking  ” Use your brain ! ”  Could this be an educational project in the countries most vunerable to disasters  ?  Much research needs to be done on our relationship to wild life creatures : Is it possible  a mobile phone appication could be invented which could pick up the unusual movement &  electro  magnetic  aura all  creatures  , as well  as humans have ?

Could this be an ideal subject for a competition  ?   They could call the mobile device .

” The bird ! ”

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