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Charlie Chaplin — the creative .

Charlie Chaplin-the creative

In the days of the silent screen one of the all time great comedians was Charlie Chaplin ; millions have seen his films , what was the secret of his success ?

Because of no sound track Chaplin had to focus on the visual aspects of his performance to make us laugh –  or cry !  In this he was very creative using only two basic principles ..

—  The unexpected .

—  Exaggeration .

Let us use one example of his ceativity at work    . In one scene he is sitting at a breakfast table with two sausages on his plate  mooning over his lady love he starts humming a tune then sticks a fork into each sausage using them as feet with the forks as legs , he ” dances ” them on the table in harmony to the tune ! Pure creativity using common objects in a different way to the normal   , the unexpected !

In my student days i observed one of my colleagues who unable to find a knife to cut his sandwiches used a large  pair of scissors  instead ! It solved the problem admirably . Creative thinking for a practical use .

How about a website devoted to writing scenes for comedians ? You may be too shy to be a standup comedian yourself but have a gift for writing funny stuations or scenes .

The above examples show immediate use of creative thought but some times it is required over a long period of time to achieve the realisation of a deam … For example  ….

For thousands of years men had the desire to fly  –just like the birds  ..However ” Everyone thought it impossible because both wood & metal were heavier than air therefore  ,the reasoning was , it would never be realised … Many  a brave soul launched themselves from buildings ; hills  &  in one case the Effiel tower in Paris in attempts to fly but with , in most cases , tragic results …

Then in 1799 an Engishman   Sir George Cayley  inscribed on a silver disc the outline plan of the worlds first modern aircraft  …This  ultimately led to him launching the worlds first man carrying glider in 1853  .. He needed a power source to give sustained flight but it had to wait  50 years for the wright brothers to produce this and achieve sustained flight.

The creativty of the wright brothers included solving one of the biggest problems of flying — control  . The brothers solved this by studying  Buzzards and the way they used their ” flight feathers ”  They invented wing warping to control their machines ..  creativity is often realised by using one idea in a different way or setting ..

Some times creativity is shown by asking a question which requires a creative solution .


                                Can you think of a question that would help to solve a problem ?

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