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Student unemployment – a digital solution – fusing the gap between education & work .

                                                                        THE  OBVIOUS PROBLEM

Governments throughout the world  seek  ways of giving the millions  of unemployed  graduates &  young  people a means to fulfill their potential : by creating more jobs  or starting   their own businesses .

There are many reasons for the current situation but one factor stands out .  There is a universal demand from the commercial world to engage  innovators ; problem solvers individuals who can take the initiative   — who have creative intelligence . Hence the constant  cry from business organisations  for  innovation –  ” Invent or die  ! ” Is the catch phrase.

This demand has resulted in countless articles : white papers : conferences :Television documentaries ;  international conferences : Interviews with successful entrepreneurs on how they ” Did it ” .  All with the ultimate aim of inducing a climate of innovation to catalize the world economies .

We need to explain that creativity is generally  thought of as to do with : Painting ; dance music ; theatre  – etc  centred on  entertainment , whereas creativity has no bounds & for the purposes of this  : ” White paper ” ( The brain project ) Is focussed on  Commercial creativity  ; more akin to Science biology , technology  . Think  Leonardo Da vinci : Einstein :  Newton :   Wright Brothers : Dyson :Jobs :  Berners- Lees  etc  —

                                                               THE REAL PROBLEM 

It has been well said that if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results .

Could it be that the educational programs are failing to change in keeping with the current demands ?

It has become increasingly obvious that the traditional Educational programs originating mainly in the Western world and largely copied by Asian Universities needs to  change . Unfortunately  the curriculii is formulated by academics for academics  ( 20% ) of students ; the 80% remaining struggle  to match their inherent skills potential with this knowledge based approach .

Many educators have over the last 40 years voiced their concern & attempts have been made to induce  creativity into  the state systems with success in some areas but mainly by individuals opening private schools  . For example : A.S.Neals : Rudolf Steiner ; Montessori.

Attempts have been made  , eg

                                                     The  “Robinson report .”                                                                                                                                          CBI report  “All our futures ”                                                                                                                           Jamie Mitchell  ( labour ) ”  Youth enterprise ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Only a few teachers have the understanding to implement  new initiatives  involving creative intelligence because they themselves are rarely asked to use their imagination ..often having  insufficient  time to input all the current constantly changing demands , especially in the rapidly changing world of work .

It appears that change will only come with a bottom up approach rather than top down directives .

How this can be achieved is the purpose of the brain project ” Brain ” standing for .-

                                                  Business Revolution @ Internet Now .

All children have a natural tendency to be creative but  educational systems globally tend to curb or destroy it by imposing  fact  gathering methodology . The  first Premier of Singapore , Lee Kuan Yew   in the early 60’s encouraged a  more problem solving  ,  This may be part of his countries success today ?

The fact remains  there is a high demand for innovators on the one hand  & an army of unemployed students  on the other , many of whom have great ideas but are frustrated by not having the opportunity to realize them .  What is the answer , not only for increasing the worlds creative thinkers  but using them to solve the unemployment  problem which confronts them by the millions  ?

Is the problem then a failure to teach creative intelligence as a basis for producing  the army of innovators & problem solvers ? If so what does this  require ?

 A fundamental change in the present knowledge based examination  system to a creative intelligence approach .

 Will such a change occur in the educational world ? The authors experience over forty years in  various aspects of creativity  suggests  .  No it will not happen  . Not in any significant way – certainly not quick enough for the millions who need an answer  soon .

The frustration of unemployed  students not having the opportunity to realize their dreams , has been called the greatest threat to the  social stability of the world .

                                 Keeping in mind that creativity often results from an almost anti-logic approach is it reasonable to assume  – within the laws of probability  – that among the millions of individuals –  educated & uneducated , a percentage have ideas which ,if realized , could be of great benefit to themselves & humanity ?

There is only one way to find out  — invent a way to give the world’s ” Dreamers ” Opportunity to test their ideas in some risk assessment system .

The risk being ; ” Is a particular idea worth the time & money to realize it’s potential ? “This is a question both investors & entrepreneurs need to know with a greater degree of certainty than hitherto ..ideally the quicker the better .

Where then can we find the reasons for this impasse & what is the answer to this real problem ?    There is only one place    The human brain .  

                                                                         YOUR BRAIN 

We have learnt  more  about how the brain works  in the last thirty years than the previous  three hundred  :  largely due to  various types of brain scanning & imaging devices  … The main understanding  ,     —    relevent to our discussion includes ……..

      >  New Neurons can grow &   FORM NEW CONNECTIONS    throughout our life , even in old age .

      >  Brain creativity is best enhanced by input of new ideas  presented in a stimulating  way to invoke strong feelings  .

            In practical terms the creative brain is built up by  being introduced to new ideas  – We call this : ” Parallel leverage .”  Ref  : ” ” – “ User Guide .

The current educational systems  build the brains of their students without including an attitude of flexibility  ..  hence minds tend to be fixed , full of facts but not having the creative intelligence to see  opportunity  in seemingly  totally unrelated  objects .


Sir Alan Sugar used creative thinking to solve the  problem of how to best present his sound recording  machine – Curry’s had rejected his previous presentations . Whilst having tea at his mothers house he noticed the butter dish had a one piece cover …he had a brain wave !  Immediately  transferred this idea to his product ; had plastic covers moulded and succeeded in getting his machines into the high street ; this jump started his  ” Empire building .

                                    The vast majority of creative thinking / brain training programs involve ; puzzles ; problem solving ; riddles etc  The brain may well be stimulated , but to what ends ? the greatest creative enhancement  from any time spent needs to add value to our own life and hopefully others  ..  ( Think of the invention of a simple  needle or the aeroplane  )

As all our time is precious any method which combines enhanced creative thinking & produces something of practical use would be welcome .

In essence we need a training  system which combines  enhancing commercial creativity by real time  testing of business  ideas in world markets .

Another related aspect of business ideas not realized concerns the immense number of ideas residing in files at investment houses ; University & research achives in the 22,000 Universities world wide . The cost of producing & storing  these must run into £ millions ?

Would it not be beneficial if at least part of these vast archives of ideas could be tested cheaply ? If entrepreneurs knew investors had a tool to test ideas alongside paper their paper proposal: would it not be more encouraging than the current system which results in 95%  ( at least ) of funding requests being thrown in the bin witout even the Executive summary being read ?

The system  should enable the student apply knowledge immediately by getting “Traction ” See investor section in the ; “see “ User Guide “

This presents a big problem  , If we need to radically change  degree courses  from a knowledge based approach to  creative intelligence programs ; how can we successfully introduce them when the vast number of entrenched Universities : colleges ; businesses are managed by  ” Brains ” that are knowledge based not creative based ?  The more radical an idea is from the “Normal ” Very often the more  ” Brain ” resistance to risking resource & labour to realize it  Fortunately  thanks to individuals who had great ideas we now have  the answer  .

                                                                      THE INTERNET                                         

                                                                                                     With this tool we can test ideas quickly & cheaply   see  with this experimental site we  tested ideas by list building  ..One idea built us a list of 13,000 in a few months  at nil cost .                                         This enables students experiment with little financial risk  ..  ” failing forward ” Is a common thought .. The result is an explosion of  interest in  under graduates starting their own businesses  : however many fail because they lack a clear understanding of whats required ; so although they know the internet gives them opportunity , there is still need to apply the fundamentals of business  ..  The ” Brain project  “aims is to resolve this by building a training system best suited to fusing .

                                                  Creative education & work experience .

                                                                  IN SUMMARY  —

   <   Millions of unemployed students with ideas .    ( a )

   < Immense demand for innovation .                            ( b )

      How can we help ( a )  realise their dreams  by giving  ( b ) what they want ?

        The solution needs meet some /  all  the following criteria     ?     —–

1  Must be a free user .

2  World reach so there is maximum exposure to every culture to ensure rigorous testing of ideas .

3 Enhance students  creativity as part of the brain training program.

4 Search facility for original business ideas & high quality resource .

5 A means of building contacts interested in ideas being tested .

6 Modular training program in Internet marketing .

7 A means of students finding their unique talents .

8  Major areas of education   —  Research – commercial creativity – contacts  .

 This project will be in collaboration with interested  Educational institutes & Brain research departments .

More on this in future blog posts   …Enjoy reading the posts & business ideas on  …….             contact :    < >

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