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Wanted graduate team to help launch startup as part of their degree program .

Wanted 2-4 undergraduates to help progress startup to test launch in Asia .   

Summer 2015  …    (     For creative thinkers only   )

Benefits  ..Add : ”  Experience working in startup ” To CV.  Enhance your creativity & skill in blog posting ;  market research ;  learn free traffic generation strategies .

Experience in crowd funding ; Investors monitoring project .

Opportunity to test own business ideas ; build contacts in Asia .

Help formulate / write  12  modules on Internet marketing .

If launch successful  Some or all team short listed for contracts  /  equity share / profit share .

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Commercial creativity – writers brain train secret revealed .

The usual understanding  of creativity suggests – the theatre ; fine art ; dance ; the media ; fashion etc  ;  It is true these do involve creativity but the vast number of inventions we use every day  ..Electric kettle ; washing machine ;  mobile devices ; cars . aeroplanes : – etc arise from minds which are just as creative  ,   –   if not more so  .

This post is to define commercial creativity & how writers can enhance their creativity and therefore the value of there work .

First let us define commercial creativity  .That is ideas which when realised add value to peoples lives with the inventor receiving benefit ( financial ) by selling his ideas & often building a business to do so . Further benefit comes in that many may be employed to make the invented service or product available to the consumer .

Just think of some inventions which have made an immense difference to peoples lives :  motor car ;  aeroplane. internet ; washing machine  etc .All from ideas in the human brain !

Although there has been an immense amount of research into how the brain works & this is very important in the medical field  it is not  especially  helpful to writers . Why not ? Because although we use the words ” brain ” & ”  mind ” as tho’ they are the same ; there is a vast difference .No amount of slicing the organ the brain will help discern what the mind is ..This awareness of self .. Neuroscientists have no clear idea  – although there are many theories  , it is true we need a brain to have mind but  we  now  know enough to train the mind via input through the brain .

The faculty of the mind the  -Imagination – is the real secret of creativity .  How can we lay the basis for training ?  Babies ! Yes an understanding how babies learn is of immense help because we now know how the brain is  formed in early life  and use this understanding when we are older

Essentially babies learn very quickly as other than their  DNA   ( which is very important )  everything is new to them ; because of   this fact the neural connections are imbued with emotion  ( every cell of our body  has feelings ) This  greatly increases the chances of retaining the thought   .

This is why babies will often throw toys out of the pram   –  In effect saying :  “You gave me this  recently  , i have examined it    ,  whats next ? ”  This quest for new things is one element in enhancing creativity .

Until recently it was thought brain cells died & could not be replaced ,although even in very old people there is plenty left for  essential activities . However recent research reveals an astouding fact . Brain cells can be replaced ; and the best way to bring this about is to become a ” baby” again !

In other words view the world with wonder , seek to find study & do new things  , really take an interest in life ,  this not only helps enhance your creativity but increases your chances of living longer  .  Studies in closed communities like the Carmelite Nuns indicated the more educated ones lived at least four years longer .

In practical terms writers can increase their creativity by becoming less of an expert  ( read one who is clever in a restricted field  ) To a much more eclectic approach ..Essentially the more  NEW ideas you input the greater the chances of producing some thing new. The rider being you need to feel  have real passion for the new thing whatever that is .

The proof of the above comment is evident in the lives of nearly all inventors :  Edison ; Newton ; Einstein  –   He worked in a patent office for some years  ) : Faraday ; leonardo :

All studied a variety of subjects , were curious about life .  input   many NEW  ideas  with feeling  add imagination  =  creativity  .


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How to increase your profits – yet work less .

The following is a true story – Using the   :  “Pareto principle  ”  which you may never have heard of when applied to commerce  ?!  ( 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients )

By the 1980’s a former electtrical engineer named George  had established a number of very successful businesses in the South east of England .

The core business was cleaning  office buildings with his Goldsmith services ; supplying equipment  & dispensables / cleaning materials needed daily .

At the height of the business he had 91 contracts and employed 168 workers

George’s success was based on high standards at all times , to ensure this was maintained  he worked seven days each week often starting at 2:30 am to supervise night -time contracts .

He realized he could not continue to work at such a pace without long term health consequences , as well as the desire to have a reasonable lifestyle , at least as good as some of his employees !

He discussed the need for change with his wife and bank manager ; the latter had given him good advice in the past ; he now suggested  to George   keeping in mind the type of business he ran  to reduce his contracts from 91 to 17 as an ideal figure .

George decided to apply this  radical  solution to his problem  ;   this  involved talking to all his customers informing the majority of an alternative supplier in the future and thanking them for their past support .

He explained to the 17 he chose to retain they would get an even better  and more personal service in future .

Previous to the change his turnover was £ 750,000 ; this now fell to £180.000 : but an amazing thing resulted    – his actual profit margin went up !

George now had a take home pay of £ 28,000 ;  he only worked a five day week ; and at last he felt he had a lifestyle befitting  the very hard work he had put in to build the business .

He was better off in every way for the following reasons  :—

1 . The reduction in customers  gave him time to more effectively manage the business  and control standards without running himself ragged .

2, The companies he let go would not forget his integrity  in arranging alternative services – further building his reputation .

3 . The businesses he retained appreciated the stronger relationship and greater customer care he gave and increased their orders .

All business owners understand the difference between cash flow and profit  (  Amazon up to 2002 had a cash flow of £ 386 million but nil profit and a £ 2 billion overhang   !  )

The lesson George’s story can teach us is ; if the  Pareto principle  can be applied  –  ie  : 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers .  Care for the 20 %  only  !

Much depends on the business model you use , but the basic rule applies  . Keep in mind your revenue model and ask . ” Can i reformulate it to retain the same or more profit ?


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Water crisis in Africa – A solution for countries bordering the sea ?

”  Water ! Water everywhere but not a drop to drink “. These words from the poem ” The ancient mariner ” . Are true for many countries who border the sea . All that water yet not drinkable ..because of the salt .


In the Artic there are huge lumps of drinkable water frozen as  ice  ; how could this be made available to those countries with a critical shortage ?

Choose a iceberg  ; spray it with white insulation  foam – to slow down its melt rate ; cover a portion with solar energy cells to power electric motors and sail it to the countries in need .

At its final destination the water would be sold directly to  customers who would tap into the iceberg . Their payment would recover the cost of the sailors transportation costs.

This is another  way out  idea   :but remember yobrain is training your mind in creativity which requires the input of new ideas no matter how seemingly ” Crazy ” From the input of such ideas your mind will mull over and produce from your subconscious a possible solution to your problem . Ideas beget ideas ; we call it parallel leverage .

Please read more about this in  :  ” User guide “.  Section on  :” Your amazing brain  ”

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A business out of thin hair !

As my barber  ( read hair stylist if  USA  ) was cutting my hair – not a long job as my hairline is level with my ears !  –   He mentioned he had recently bought a water plant for his aquarium but was diappointed with his specimen , as it did  did not compare with the healthy looking one imaged in the Ad , which had enticed him to buy .

This led to a discussion in which he told me aquarium fish & related products are big business & more especially certain plants needed by tropical fish . These are difficult to obtain -importrestrictions are one factor . He mentioned one type called ” Red algae . ” Saying there is a big demand for it .

I got no more information , remember it was a short cut ! But it got me thinking   :  Is there a gap in the market for  a specialist exotic plant supplier ? Perhaps matching rare fish with rare plants , or those hard to get .

There could be a number of product areas to test the idea ……

1    A free report on the subject   .2    A white paper , including information on inporting water plants .     3   A book giving a comprehensive overview of matching exotic fish to the needed plant environment ..Perhaps in part form of a directory  .

Ther are many publications on tropical fish but  few presenting information on plants matched to fish & other related tropical creatures with a reliable supply resource . It could be in ebook format ..

This might be worth a few hours research ..If you use this business idea , i will sell your first plant to my Barber   …. I may get a free haircut  !


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Billion dollar startups – investor criteria for your big idea .

It has been suggested that the chances of building a billion dollar business is millions to one ..This probably explains  why so few try .  Could this mean there is a gap in the market ?One thing is certain If you dont start you can’t finish ! So lets set some fundamentals in attempting the  ” impossible ”

To build a billion dollar startup you need at some point miilions …Most startups will never get funding because they do not understand how to approach investors and what they need to offer   : preparation is needed to give your idea sufficient value investors  need to stand any chance of their funding the project.

Three important elements are  : —–

1.Unique idea ; some innovation ; a new market or a real need .                                                         2. Scope reach ..                                                                                                                                          3 . Value in helping solve  a problem.

The mistake many entrepreneurs make is trying to get funding from a wide variety of  investment houses; it rarely works .. Investors are inundated with business proposals ; it is a shear impossibliity for all these business ideas to be viewed  .This  is their  biggest problem  – how to select an idea which will be commercially successful  , this from words on paper   -with many  executive summaries never read .

A large number of ideas are selected by introduction   – from business contacts or partners .However you can greatly increase your chances by  creative   preparation    ….                            All entrepreneurs who want to reduce their time chasing funds must learn how to court an investor and in some way make the idea so attractive he will invite you to pitch your idea to him .

To get investors attention requires an understanding of human nature  : for example finding the funding  criteria &  or  personal interests of your targeted investor first  will enable you to make a short list  matching  your  project  catergory  Ie The type of industry the investor is experienced in & is seeking ideas in that area .                                                                                 It is amazing how many entrepreneurs do not do this fundamental research & waste immense amounts of time .

Lets  consider why  ” Google”was such a success  …

Timing ; Coming in as internet traffic exploded in the 1990’s with majority of surfers seeking information .                                                                                                                                                It gave a better search result than its competitors                                                                                      Investors thought they could monetize the immense traffic it was geting- they were right !    Other factors contributed to its success ..the founders Brin & Page had the right skills &  background ; plus they  met and started the project at Stanford University ..The inhouse students gave free testing & viral marketing  ..

Although it had not made a cent received  $ 25  million  from Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital, but note this was after a number of years building the search engine .                                              It is interesting that both “Google ”  ; ” Ebay ” ; ” Facebook ” ;  “Youtube “; and other s having a billion dollar value tend to have a  similar business model ie ..They meet a basic need in some area  :  ” Google ”  Information :  ” Youtube ”  people expressing themselves  by video : ” Facebook ” Social connection  etc ;   It is not a coincidence that the content is supplied free by the customer  . this enables rapid growth if the platform supplies their needs .

The lesson from this is to build a billion dollar business you must have a clear vision  that  will give the result you want , the business model needs to allow for growth on a massive scale  Above all it must serve a basic human need , the other big problem vital to success  finding brilliant founders early in the projects conception  ..                                                                 The above criteria helps us see that to build a billion dollar business  needs certain factors to come together at a special time  is not impossible  – only nearly  so  !

What is  your  billion dollar  idea  ? Do you see a gap in the market ?


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Creative coffee cafe’ – what successful ones will be doing within five years

Costa Coffee 1

It is not a coincidence that  Vincent Van Gogh  changed his palette from a Rembrant like colour theme of  browns  ( View his painting   “The potatoe eaters  ”  )– To one of rainbow colours …. The discussions he had with Monet  : Gauguin ; Cezanne and others of the Impressionist school help him become the painter who fully realised his dream  ” That even the lowest worker  would have his pictures in their homes  .This  came  true via colour printing …

Where was Vincent  when his mind was changed ?  Drinking ! Coffee or absinthe  ….A feature of Paris in the late 19th C.    The gathering of artists of all genre  in coffee houses


It is a fact that the origins of some of the most successful companies in the world including “Google “;  “Ebay ”  ;  “Youtube ”  etc   Originated in a relative small area  …Silicon valley entrepreneurs  and coffee houses  are a potent  amalgam ..Why ?

Much recent research on how the brain is structured and how it manifests ideas is helping us answer this question .. Essentially the brain works holistically  …Hence the folly of drawing conclusions  about creativity from the neuroscientists slicing the brain up or counting neurons …They will NOT find what they are looking for !

Where can you find creative ideas  ?. Ideally in the midst of  people with ideas who freely discuss them in a relaxed situation  ; who are aware of world trends  & are willing to fail moving forward  … Add to the mix local business angels  … You have the start of a mini Silicon valley  .

Starbucks Coffee

The  faculty of the brain ; the mind .. is far more important  in terms of commercial creativity  … Past idea generating methods such as brain storming are counter productive .. The brain tends to close down before  it produces .  “.The big idea “..Hence the stories  throughout  history of inventors finding the solution to problems by accident ; in the bath or shower ;  when going for a walk  or best of all by sleep ! .  .The expression “Sleep on it  ”  Works  because if the conscious mind is fed ideas and possible solutions  the subconscious mind is   DESIGNED to mull over , dream on it  ; select ; process  , and solve the problem  … There is now an immense library supporting this fact   …Generally conclusions are not drawn because no one knows what the mind is :  but we do know now how to use it in the field of creativity .

So ” Starbucks ; Nero ; Costa  Are you ready ?  Silicon valley is the model for the cafe’ culture ; so bring the valley to your Cafe’  Set up a corner of the cafe ‘ Call it ; “Creative coffee  ” Have a screen to stream  in & show videos  ..Include Internet access  ..Have events to encourage  local business  owners   to pop in ,

If you keep on doing the same thing you will get the same results ..

How  about it   you owners of  Creative coffee cafes   ?  Is your mind creative ?


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” Thank you ,thank you, thank you – for your comments ” !

One of the most frustrating aspects of the internet is trying to contact people who you think are ideal to do business with ; or  communicate an idea or thank them ;  then not getting a response .. ” Did they receive my message ? ”  We might be thinking  .  “Why dont they answer ? ”

We  dont want this to happen to our visitors  ; thus this more open response  on this blog by us  to keep you informed  &  at least acknowledge your comments , it is true we all desire a personal response but when businesses reach a certain size it is not realistic to expect this .  There are exceptions  but these are rare  .

Often its simply the inability to answer all emails or comments  by ” Big hat teams ” ( Or  big head teams   )  Recently we have had some very encouraging comments on the blog  ; considering we are not due to launch this startup until June 2015 ..  they are very helpful to us  ; it suggests there are visitors who want the type of content we are offering  —  Original creative ideas which can be applied to your business ..Plus the idea that  – Ideas beget ideas .  Do read the ” User guide  ” To understand ; ”  Parallel leverage . ”

Back to the main point ;  a public  THANK YOU  to all you who commented ..we will keep you informed of the progress of Yobrain,com       PART   3  Of  the story next month  …A few snips –  we have registered   and are considering a Hindi version .. .we have made  a video  to present  on a crowd funding site …

Our aim is to keep the search facility & business ideas FREE  forever  …  &  offer  free information so low income families are given the opportunity to understand how they can use the internet  to enhance their lives … This is   STAGE  1 the base .    But there are three more stages to come after launch .

If you have suggestions to improve .. or questions do comment  BELOW . If we use your ideas we will tell you !

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How to contact the big cheese .

In general it is virtually impossible to approach direct the person you want to engage with, there are simply too many startups wanting their attention at any one time. There is always some one in between "filtering" The business proposals.
 One alternative is to make known your proposal in the public realm with the possibility some one will bring it to the attention of the person you wish to meet. Keep in mind the "law of six degrees" ie; all of us can be linked to all the people on the planet by six human links.
 Thus instead of one or two your idea could be viewed by many even thousands. Let us try the strategy on .....

 FIRST QUESTION.. to SIR RICHARD BRANSON... ."Sir, You are the architypical member of the ..boomer ..generation;why don't you start a virgin card silver fox club? Many elderlies do not get the special service they require from many companies so having a club catering just for them would be in great demand ? Draft site 
SECOND QUESTION.. You have the resources to offer very cheap simple cell phones to the poor ..This gives them access to world markets and the ability to sell their intellectual assets. Example is the mobile system which enables the poor to give information on language in return for payment into their online bank account. The information could be on growing sustainable crops; scarce water management;and other information on living on the edge..the poor are the world experts. The only way poverty can be quickly reduced is by the poor controlling ALL the money they make .
 THIRD QUESTION .... Why don't you include a section in your magazine for startups who used virgin credit to kick start thier business .eg I am using the £3,000 i gained by credit transfer to help build a team to launch my enterprise These need not be success stories but how individuals made their idea viable.
 FOURTH QUESTION..... Why dont you have a competition with the winner getting a million dollar website ? Call it "www.million dollar " The website would be valued ( say at $2,000 at the start )A window would show this figure increase over the time of the competition until the million valuation figure was reached. The content built up by virgin customers posting business ideas . The winner would be the one with the highest ranking when the posting stopped as the million valuation figure was reached. This would be an excellent way to brand virgin to a special selected market Asian students ..or the poor ... (see above idea on cell phones for the poor
 FIFTH QUESTION… Why don’t you use a global voting platform to get instant customer feedback? The technology exists and gives an objective valuation as the companies name can be blanked out.
 SIXTH QUESTION…Why don’t you use this technology see ;and apply to a virgin game show ,which simply requires customers posting a business idea to virgin capital venture… The advantage over the usual application protocol ..each idea is being voted upon from a global market and gives a progressive objective validation over one ---month or more… Plus it gives opportunity to millions ,including the poor, who normally cannot connect with venture companies… Among the world’s poor will be brilliant ideas currently “ lost “to humanity… The game show could be called “ BEAT THE INVESTORS “ The incentive to post could be a prize or some discount from “virgin money “
 SEVENTH QUESTION….. Why don’t you make a movie called “STARTUP “( which after a pilot ) Could star “Twiggy “ and Kevin Spacey .It would be a drama comedy ..The script is owned by Jasmin Jena….It’s the story of how a bored city guy dreams of launching his internet business with only his girl friend keeping faith with his efforts to get backing. The commercial success of the movie is increased by the ..backend product…which is sold via the token on ticket sales initially. Part of the cast could be from virgin customers ……
 EIGHTH QUESTION.. ……………Why don’t you build and fly the silver disc design of George cayley ( original disc in the Science museum ) The 24 x18 foot machine is the watershed between the “ tower jumpers “ and modern aircraft. It would make an excellent promotional compliment to the launch of your space project.. THE FIRST AND THE LAST ... ......... ---------------------------------------------------- 

The above ideas can only be used with written permission from ( except Sir Richard ! )

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Anoox ; social search engine .

My business idea for Anoox is : –   An   annual event /contest to increase membership  by  50%  . The event /contest  used to be  selected from the winner of a contest open to all members    ( world  ? ) with a prize of say  $10,000   with a bonus of  $5,000 if  50%  increase  target met.

This will require contacting all members giving them details of the contest , their response  could be  ( a  )  Introduce a new member (  s ),   or  ( b )  enter the contest .

An example of  a contest entry  :   1   ..  A  cell phone app that connects all the  students unions  in the worlds  22,000 Universities so Anoox can offer their services to the 5 million graduates


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