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500 million under 25 – startup – india .com

   Hello  Raj Kapoor. I have a question  ? Can you produce a movie about the frustrated dreams of many of the young in India  ? Of some one who became successful starting with just an idea he got in a  scrap yard ..An idea from rubbish  !


      STARTUP  -INDIA     the latest movie from     R K .

      Sing  was at his lowest : his home consisted of plastic sheets over the top of a scrap car , situated in a huge area of discarded materials & machines  of all kinds , he last ate a day ago -a curry dish ..left over from a restaurant meal found in a rubbish bag  ..

It should not be like this ; Sing thought to himself .I got my degree i am bright ,good looking, got all my teeth – It cant get any worse  .? Then it  did !    It poured down ..rain .rain rain  ..Wet through Sings thoughts turned to the last time he was warm & dry in his mothers home   ,  just a few  weeks before she died & he became homeless  .Only months before he thought everything would be fine ..His mother had been so proud of him getting good qualifications …

He then had his big  idea  that would change his life & the lives of many others ..There are thousands in this City like me  ( he thought ) without a home ,including many on some of the largest rubbish tips in the world .  Its so obvious  ..I will  ……….


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Business Idea for Taj Hotel

 It is a known fact that many guests steal from hotels , being wealthy is no barrier to taking things such as towels & bathrobes …This has some advantages as the crest of the hotel is on the items and acts as advertising for the hotel  ….An alternative would be to give customers something on their departure to encourage them to return and advertise the hotel in the process  ; This gift offer would be stated on their room welcome pack , the condition being they don’t steal any of the Hotel items .

The gift could be …a piece of a model of the hotel visit  the guest would be given piece two  , each visit further pieces  … ( provided nothing was taken on the first visit  )

The final piece would complete a kasket for jewels  … The cost recovered by the reduction in stealing .The incentive being a collecters item only available to Hotel  Taj   patrons .


The facilities of doctors should be available in hotels for customers if anyone suddenly injured and suffered. So that customer shouldn’t face any problem in the hotel. And Hotel has to make tie up with head of taxi firm. By those taxis firm members leave the visitors to hotel and hotel will get more profit and publicity as well. Hotel should send their taxi to receive visitors from railway station, airport.

Hotel can get profit by providing all these facilities to the customers and visitors because it will attract the costumers towards the hotel.

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mobiles branded : ” Startup-India “

 Micromax has competition with Nokia and Samsung. I have an idea to increase its market share  … There are  millions of poor in India , plus many millions who find it difficult to gain employment   (  500 million under 25   )

For the first time in history anyone can input their ideas to a world market , If a mobile device was produced very cheaply so those millions could sell their ideas to companies needing innovation   (  there is a world trend to Intellectual collaboration – ) It would produce a new market from the low income  families  who would have an opportunity for income generation never before possible .  They simply need to know what they dont know .

Google ; Proctor & Gamble ; Reckitts   have open door  to new ideas   Many organisations are increasing their Research departments ..Its Innovate or die !

The mobile would have  normal  talk facilities but  a unique pass to Free internet education & free test of their ideas  ..on a platform related to the movie  ” Startup- India  “


They could  open  service centers   ( solar powered  )   In small villages,  a mini branch in any mobile shop where customers can get repairing service or purchase their micromax mobile phones. They should attach a list of centers in all mobiles by which customer can easily find the service center near him.


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Shoes for children’s protection – Lotto

Every mother wishes to keep her child safe   …Lotto can lead in this area by producing a range of play shoes customised with  provision to fit a  tracker  … Age range  2   ——   12 .

On  top of the shoe  there would be a small rectangular area to slide a piece of leather ; this would be the customised addition  on which could be added names  EG  ”  Elizebeth “Or the name of your child ..Imbedded in this  key piece would be a tracker  with which the mother could know  where her child was  if it had disappeared .: for whatever reason  .


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Beauty is only skin deep – but what a skin !

 Every person has a different skin. The company has to make a survey and find out all the types of skin and then made the product like different product for dry and oily skin. So the company needs to provide products like cream, Body lotion, moisturizers, night cream, etc. Human skin also is very gentle; So every person is very possessive  about their skin.


Income Group:   The Company should also have to make Good Quality Product for different income groups. Three groups are divided on the basis of income.

  1. Lower Income group
  2. Middle Income Group
  3. Higher Income group

As everyone knows that there is 60% public in India comes in Middle level. But Lakme famous for his high cost product. If this company make product to consider the pocket of the customer. The company has to make low price products lower group, higher price for the higher income group. In this way it can become famous among the all the category of customer and can get a higher percentage of profit of the market.

Age: Beauty Products make crazy to all Age Group of Female. But it proves harmful to use a same kind of product for every age group. The company should have to provide products according to age group like below 18, 18-25, above 25. Age group should be mentioned on the packing.

Gender: Usually Cosmetic Products are named as a Beauty Products, it shows that it’s only for Female.  Now, Mens are also very possessive to take their Personality. They also not far to use cosmetic Products. They like different kinds of products to make handsome themselves. So Lakme should differentiate their products according to Gender.

Season: Lakme has to make different products for different season. Like Winter Season Products and Summer Season Products.


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