Creative camels – don’t get the hump .

two camels

“Two camels are walking along , one asks the other : ” Eric ” . ” Yes what is it ? ”  The other one asks  .   ” Why do we have such large padded feet ? “.   ” Because sand and rocks  hurt if we did not have such large  cushions for feet .  ” Eric ”  ” Yes what now ? ” Why do we have such long eyelashes  ? ”   ” Because when winds blow sand in our eyes they protect them .”  ” Eric “.   ” Yes “.   ” Why have we these large humps on our back ? ”   ” Because in the desert it can be difficult to find water so we have these storage places to keep us going .”

Long pause . ” Eric .”       ” Oh  ! what now .”        —–  ” Why are we in London zoo  ? ”

You may find this  story funny ..because you did not expect the punch line  . The unexpected  , this is one aspect of comedy which is used along with exaggeration to make others laugh .

Comedians  often  embellish  everyday situations  with some twist or thought which we never think of but when presented in certain ways makes  us  smile or in some cases , makes us laugh our heads off  !

Example ;   When electric currents go through them , guitars start making sounds ,  so                                     would anyone !

Comedians are really relying on creative thinking in presenting ideas and because our emotions are involved it is good brain training for any entrepreneur  : keeping in mind brain cells are changed or modified only when feelings & thoughts combine .

This fact gives us good reason to continue being entertained by comedians and enhance our creativity at the same time !  Given that Brain storming sessions long used by companies are  counter productive   : perhaps CEO ‘s might arrange more theatre outings as part of their team  training programs   ? !  It will certainly make them popular  !


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