Graduates use

Graduates use
“Yobrain ” is a free user brain trainer helping students bridge the gap between education & work . It enhances their creativity & builds global contacts , in real time – valuable for both
Startups & careerists .
  Captains of industry ;Economists  & Educationists , continually request a new generation
of skilled workers for this  Biodigital age of innovation .A top down approach is not
happening quick enough.” Yobrain ” Uses ” Open collaboration ” to replace Academic intelligence with Creative intelligence as applied to business .
 This new approach is based on the latest research on how to train the mind .
The system builds an archive of original business ideas to test & progress – increasing their value by using a global voting system to collate customer lists . Marketing training is
delivered by monthly animation modules .
 The founder says ” We are inviting  undergraduates  from the world’s 22,000  Universities , to help us test ; customise : & launch the project :  enabling any person , anywhere ; of any
status to achieve their potential by using ”  ” —   Via both static & mobile devices to input their unique talents  .”