Sign of a tsunami – a little bird told me !



What lessons can be learned from the terrible disaster  which struck Asia on December 26th 2004 ?  Especially is it possible to have early warning systems in place & save lives should such an event happen again  ?

It is true there has been much research done & systems set up to give early warning   –  However  there can be  problems with man made devices ; a tropical storm could put fine tuned technology out of action ; generators can be destroyed by flooding , etc .

I recently visited a relative who mentioned that in a recent disaster no animals died . Whilst another asked : ” What happened to the animals ? ” Up to then i had not thought  about animals in disaster areas but it brought to mind the  “St Helena ” volcano eruption some years ago when some tourists had died  but no animals .

St Helena  volcano eruption

A report described the frantic rush of aimals & other creatures away from the volcano effected area . This exodus , included snakes ; insects & birds – leaving an eerie silence some HOURS  before the final explosion which killed the tourists.

Further research shows that there is an immense body of information , giving compelling evidence that early warning of impending disasters is given by wild life .  The following account relates to the tsunami of 2004 .

Early warning in action .                                                                                                                                   There is an Island called ” Sentinal ” Between India & Burma -It is inhabited by a 100 strong tribe  who survived theTsunami , thanks to skills reading the natural environment . “They knew immediately some thing was wrong . ” Said a relief worker .                                         Hours before the killer wave  landed  some tribes people were hunting in the forest, others across shallow water seeking marine food . Then streams of ants & other insects began pouring out of the ground and  headed uphill – soon after the sea receded- the Sentinelese followed the ants example , all were safe when the tsunami struck .

  Is it now possible to think of a  disaster warning business with both commercial and humanitarian implications ?

How satisfying to invent something to save ,perhaps thousands of lives every few years .The creatures themselves already comprise the early warning  trigger in ALL areas (  This is so important because tens of thousands of tourists are in areas were no man made early warning system are available . )                                                                                                                              It requires  real creative thinking  ” Use your brain ! ”  Could this be an educational project in the countries most vunerable to disasters  ?  Much research needs to be done on our relationship to wild life creatures : Is it possible  a mobile phone appication could be invented which could pick up the unusual movement &  electro  magnetic  aura all  creatures  , as well  as humans have ?

Could this be an ideal subject for a competition  ?   They could call the mobile device .

” The bird ! ”

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