The eternal student – part 2

The Eternal Student-Part 2

Since John Reese made his comments  – see part 1.  A huge problem has appeared making  it very difficult to be commercially successful on the internet ; part 2 will address this    —

The :  ” Eternal student .” Understands life is about learning  ;  humans are inherently questioning creatures that is why there is a world wide trend to : “Education for life “Partly brought about by the change from :  “Jobs for life “To workers having to retrain possibly three or more times  ( This now presents  immense possibilities to formulate niche’training courses for this huge market  )

However within the last decade  a huge problem has appeared – the vast increase in the amount of information now available ; the difficulty for any ” Newbie ” Is how /where to access the most valuable training material in the shortest possible time .

One thing the Internet business student learns quickly – life is too short to waste on simply learning or attempting to absorb  all areas of knowledge. It has been stated that the last man to know everything was ; ” Sir Issac Newton ” . who , In the scientific field , could keep up with the latest . because  In his day  scientific ” Papers ” were few compared to today :  with  thousands of documents ; studies; surveys conducted  & released every day  . This activity results in billions of pages of information released every year . ” Googles ” Data base alone adds millions of pages each week ; The project ” Google Print ” Seeking to add whole sections of the worlds major libraries !

There is only one practical solution – for the student to focus on one area of business interest whilst being aware of related & some  unrelated fields  fields .    (  See the : ”  User Guide ”   )  For the individual the question is – Which area of business should  i pursue ? What  knowledge base is required for ultimate success . How do i find it ?   Finding the answers to these questions  first  can save an immense amount of time & money  .

The majority of the top internet Guru’s had to learn the hard & expensive  way  by trial & error — one confessed to spending over $ 350,000 on educating himself – you don’t need to spend that amount but , in general you cannot get good quality knowledge cheap , most who have spent a great deal of time  & money acquiring it want to get some return .

Often this  knowledge is in the form of training & developing products into improving R.O.I (  Return  O  Investment  ) Thus the Eternal student can reap the benefits of his education . Whereas initially knowledge is gained to build a revenue  generation system – exponentially this becomes , in time , valuable intellectual property increasingly saleable when developed as a product or service – this might be software or marketing strategies to increase website traffic  or how to write quality blog content . These then become an asset which can be sold to a inhouse list or via an affiliate program .

There is obvious need to invent & improve products  with the originators reaping the major reward – as well they should for their input of time ;money & research to produce the latest .

The eternal student is well placed if his /her education is centered building a quality “ core knowledge  base “ .This becomes the  resource for the student being able to use his creativity to express his unique skills in building his  own  intellectual property.

All entrepreneurs want to speed up the learning process ..To do this requires asking the right questions .

Where can i find the best mentors  so i can  learn the underlying basis for success  ?

How do i know which are ones will give me the best return on my investment ?

Once you have basic quality knowledge you can enhance your creativity & apply it ..

( 1 ) The invention of a unique product or service .

( 2 )  The formulation of an original business model .

( 3 )  The marketing of the business .

It is true you can buy ( 1) & ( 2 ) in a box , or so called ” Turn key businesses “. but often these dont bring long term success because they are ” Clones ” of the original .All competing for the same customers .

Originality has its own rewards & is the reason Yobrain aims to stimulate creativity – If you aim for finding your unique self & building your own  ” Value proposition ”  Then express it  in a compelling way your on the road to success .


There needs to be a Part 3 .  Answering the obvious question  – Can you find me   ” Core knowledge base  ” ?  The answer is in the “  Creative Core compendium ” A resource to include this information ….If you wish to be informed when this is published email us to list you .                                               <     info   >


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