Drunk one eyed frogs — creative suggestion to editors of readers letters —

The majority of readers letters take the form of a complaint , some injust treatment or wrong  judgement of individuals ; most centre around a moral issue .  Problems caused by  untruths ; greed ; power or property ownership …

This format has not changed in 200 years ..   Is it not time to review ? It has been said that change can only come from men/ women who think differently …     Surely the editors of newspapers have more vision than    ……    ”   A  drunk  one eyed frog ?  ”

Why not admit letters of complaint ONLY  if they add a suggestion for a  the solution to the problem they are complaining about ?

For example many complaints are about improving public services  .few appreciate that what they ask for requires the funding of resource ,  governments  have a finite amount of money which is never enough .. Solve the problem of how to create enough money or stop complaining !

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Journalists use their brain on : ” yobrain . “

The revolutionary ten year  :    ” Achieve your dream project  ” Is the first Internet platform to enhance the creativity of Journalists /writers whilst they report its progress starting with the launch    in June  2016  .

And something for them !

It is a sad fact that the Western worlds academically based  Education systems produces  many students with as much the vision as a  fried banana in a rainstorm ; The conclusion from our  50 years research on how the brain learns ; creativity is mainly  enhanced by the MIND receiving  ORIGINAL IDEAS EMBEDDED WITH PASSION .. (  To all young children everything is new & exciting  ; hence the amazing ability of young persons able to learn many  languages so quickly )

Journalists / writers , above most  need to think creatively ; although much of their work is fact finding  – they need  to seek & find these facts from , in general , humans .. Creativity is needed to invent strategies to induce knowledge collecting , especially when money is insufficient to  get a reponse .

The system can in many instances enable Journalists to receive researched information at less cost than their own  research /travel expenses .They just need to know how to tap into this resource .

Roma Nai ;The  80 year old founder of Yobrain says : ” The whole project is the result of my   50 years experience teaching creativity & many years research & testing various internet platforms   :   Example :  www.voroo.com  :  www.testrat.com  :  www.testmyidea.com   The latter  is still online .

Yobrain .com is an internet system , at prototype stage , collaborating the work of brain research centres  &  writers / journalists who have the  insight  to understand the significance of the study of Genius revealing    ….   ” Ideas beget ideas . “  Einstein , for example , worked for some years in a patent office .. Hence his comment :      ———–          

                         ”  Imagination is greater than knowledge ”              

   The one rider to this is the ideas must be original  ; Contrary to those who say : ” You cant have new business ideas ” ; “ Yobrain collects them   !  See   posts on blog   : ” Taj  hotel ” ;  “Lotto shoes ” ;  ” Creative coffee  ” :  “Creative camels don’t get the hump “. :  ” Sign of a        Tsunami – a little bird told  me .”  ;   “Tesco Ted .”    And hundreds more on yobrain.com

  ” Whats in it for me ? ‘  Is the journalists obvious question  ….      The answer     —

1 .Enhance your  creative thinking ; 2. Possible equity  share   :   3 .  Although the system is a brain train platform , by default  contact lists are collated , the basis for all income generation . Journalists  are in a very favoured position to build  a future  pension at little cost in time & money ; whilst going about their  normal work , 4 .  Understanding the implications of new ideas   this can  enable them to get the news before it happens !!  This requires  creative thinking   ..See : ” Parallel leverage   ”  In : ” User Guide .”  Free download on the blog or website .

The most exciting aspect for Journalists is the possibilities after the official launch in June  2016 .. This includes shared equity based on their involvement  before launch .      

          …….      The 100  committee      …    See :  ” User Guide “.


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Student unemployment – a digital solution – fusing the gap between education & work .

                                                                        THE  OBVIOUS PROBLEM

Governments throughout the world  seek  ways of giving the millions  of unemployed  graduates &  young  people a means to fulfill their potential : by creating more jobs  or starting   their own businesses .

There are many reasons for the current situation but one factor stands out .  There is a universal demand from the commercial world to engage  innovators ; problem solvers individuals who can take the initiative   — who have creative intelligence . Hence the constant  cry from business organisations  for  innovation –  ” Invent or die  ! ” Is the catch phrase.

This demand has resulted in countless articles : white papers : conferences :Television documentaries ;  international conferences : Interviews with successful entrepreneurs on how they ” Did it ” .  All with the ultimate aim of inducing a climate of innovation to catalize the world economies .

We need to explain that creativity is generally  thought of as to do with : Painting ; dance music ; theatre  – etc  centred on  entertainment , whereas creativity has no bounds & for the purposes of this  : ” White paper ” ( The brain project ) Is focussed on  Commercial creativity  ; more akin to Science biology , technology  . Think  Leonardo Da vinci : Einstein :  Newton :   Wright Brothers : Dyson :Jobs :  Berners- Lees  etc  —

                                                               THE REAL PROBLEM 

It has been well said that if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results .

Could it be that the educational programs are failing to change in keeping with the current demands ?

It has become increasingly obvious that the traditional Educational programs originating mainly in the Western world and largely copied by Asian Universities needs to  change . Unfortunately  the curriculii is formulated by academics for academics  ( 20% ) of students ; the 80% remaining struggle  to match their inherent skills potential with this knowledge based approach .

Many educators have over the last 40 years voiced their concern & attempts have been made to induce  creativity into  the state systems with success in some areas but mainly by individuals opening private schools  . For example : A.S.Neals : Rudolf Steiner ; Montessori.

Attempts have been made  , eg

                                                     The  “Robinson report .”                                                                                                                                          CBI report  “All our futures ”                                                                                                                           Jamie Mitchell  ( labour ) ”  Youth enterprise ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Only a few teachers have the understanding to implement  new initiatives  involving creative intelligence because they themselves are rarely asked to use their imagination ..often having  insufficient  time to input all the current constantly changing demands , especially in the rapidly changing world of work .

It appears that change will only come with a bottom up approach rather than top down directives .

How this can be achieved is the purpose of the brain project ” Brain ” standing for .-

                                                  Business Revolution @ Internet Now .

All children have a natural tendency to be creative but  educational systems globally tend to curb or destroy it by imposing  fact  gathering methodology . The  first Premier of Singapore , Lee Kuan Yew   in the early 60’s encouraged a  more problem solving  ,  This may be part of his countries success today ?

The fact remains  there is a high demand for innovators on the one hand  & an army of unemployed students  on the other , many of whom have great ideas but are frustrated by not having the opportunity to realize them .  What is the answer , not only for increasing the worlds creative thinkers  but using them to solve the unemployment  problem which confronts them by the millions  ?

Is the problem then a failure to teach creative intelligence as a basis for producing  the army of innovators & problem solvers ? If so what does this  require ?

 A fundamental change in the present knowledge based examination  system to a creative intelligence approach .

 Will such a change occur in the educational world ? The authors experience over forty years in  various aspects of creativity  suggests  .  No it will not happen  . Not in any significant way – certainly not quick enough for the millions who need an answer  soon .

The frustration of unemployed  students not having the opportunity to realize their dreams , has been called the greatest threat to the  social stability of the world .

                                 Keeping in mind that creativity often results from an almost anti-logic approach is it reasonable to assume  – within the laws of probability  – that among the millions of individuals –  educated & uneducated , a percentage have ideas which ,if realized , could be of great benefit to themselves & humanity ?

There is only one way to find out  — invent a way to give the world’s ” Dreamers ” Opportunity to test their ideas in some risk assessment system .

The risk being ; ” Is a particular idea worth the time & money to realize it’s potential ? “This is a question both investors & entrepreneurs need to know with a greater degree of certainty than hitherto ..ideally the quicker the better .

Where then can we find the reasons for this impasse & what is the answer to this real problem ?    There is only one place    The human brain .  

                                                                         YOUR BRAIN 

We have learnt  more  about how the brain works  in the last thirty years than the previous  three hundred  :  largely due to  various types of brain scanning & imaging devices  … The main understanding  ,     —    relevent to our discussion includes ……..

      >  New Neurons can grow &   FORM NEW CONNECTIONS    throughout our life , even in old age .

      >  Brain creativity is best enhanced by input of new ideas  presented in a stimulating  way to invoke strong feelings  .

            In practical terms the creative brain is built up by  being introduced to new ideas  – We call this : ” Parallel leverage .”  Ref  : ”  Yobrain.com ” – “ User Guide .

The current educational systems  build the brains of their students without including an attitude of flexibility  ..  hence minds tend to be fixed , full of facts but not having the creative intelligence to see  opportunity  in seemingly  totally unrelated  objects .


Sir Alan Sugar used creative thinking to solve the  problem of how to best present his sound recording  machine – Curry’s had rejected his previous presentations . Whilst having tea at his mothers house he noticed the butter dish had a one piece cover …he had a brain wave !  Immediately  transferred this idea to his product ; had plastic covers moulded and succeeded in getting his machines into the high street ; this jump started his  ” Empire building .

                                    The vast majority of creative thinking / brain training programs involve ; puzzles ; problem solving ; riddles etc  The brain may well be stimulated , but to what ends ? the greatest creative enhancement  from any time spent needs to add value to our own life and hopefully others  ..  ( Think of the invention of a simple  needle or the aeroplane  )

As all our time is precious any method which combines enhanced creative thinking & produces something of practical use would be welcome .

In essence we need a training  system which combines  enhancing commercial creativity by real time  testing of business  ideas in world markets .

Another related aspect of business ideas not realized concerns the immense number of ideas residing in files at investment houses ; University & research achives in the 22,000 Universities world wide . The cost of producing & storing  these must run into £ millions ?

Would it not be beneficial if at least part of these vast archives of ideas could be tested cheaply ? If entrepreneurs knew investors had a tool to test ideas alongside paper their paper proposal: would it not be more encouraging than the current system which results in 95%  ( at least ) of funding requests being thrown in the bin witout even the Executive summary being read ?

The system  should enable the student apply knowledge immediately by getting “Traction ” See investor section in the ; “see “ User Guide “

This presents a big problem  , If we need to radically change  degree courses  from a knowledge based approach to  creative intelligence programs ; how can we successfully introduce them when the vast number of entrenched Universities : colleges ; businesses are managed by  ” Brains ” that are knowledge based not creative based ?  The more radical an idea is from the “Normal ” Very often the more  ” Brain ” resistance to risking resource & labour to realize it  Fortunately  thanks to individuals who had great ideas we now have  the answer  .

                                                                      THE INTERNET                                         

                                                                                                     With this tool we can test ideas quickly & cheaply   see   www.testmyidea.com  with this experimental site we  tested ideas by list building  ..One idea built us a list of 13,000 in a few months  at nil cost .                                         This enables students experiment with little financial risk  ..  ” failing forward ” Is a common thought .. The result is an explosion of  interest in  under graduates starting their own businesses  : however many fail because they lack a clear understanding of whats required ; so although they know the internet gives them opportunity , there is still need to apply the fundamentals of business  ..  The ” Brain project  “aims is to resolve this by building a training system best suited to fusing .

                                                  Creative education & work experience .

                                                                  IN SUMMARY  —

   <   Millions of unemployed students with ideas .    ( a )

   < Immense demand for innovation .                            ( b )

      How can we help ( a )  realise their dreams  by giving  ( b ) what they want ?

        The solution needs meet some /  all  the following criteria     ?     —–

1  Must be a free user .

2  World reach so there is maximum exposure to every culture to ensure rigorous testing of ideas .

3 Enhance students  creativity as part of the brain training program.

4 Search facility for original business ideas & high quality resource .

5 A means of building contacts interested in ideas being tested .

6 Modular training program in Internet marketing .

7 A means of students finding their unique talents .

8  Major areas of education   —  Research – commercial creativity – contacts  .

 This project will be in collaboration with interested  Educational institutes & Brain research departments .

More on this in future blog posts   …Enjoy reading the posts & business ideas on  …….

     www.yobrain.com               www.blog.yobrain.com        contact :    <  info@yobrain.com >

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..—————————————————————————————————————–                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ..

Charlie Chaplin — the creative .

Charlie Chaplin-the creative

In the days of the silent screen one of the all time great comedians was Charlie Chaplin ; millions have seen his films , what was the secret of his success ?

Because of no sound track Chaplin had to focus on the visual aspects of his performance to make us laugh –  or cry !  In this he was very creative using only two basic principles ..

—  The unexpected .

—  Exaggeration .

Let us use one example of his ceativity at work    . In one scene he is sitting at a breakfast table with two sausages on his plate  mooning over his lady love he starts humming a tune then sticks a fork into each sausage using them as feet with the forks as legs , he ” dances ” them on the table in harmony to the tune ! Pure creativity using common objects in a different way to the normal   , the unexpected !

In my student days i observed one of my colleagues who unable to find a knife to cut his sandwiches used a large  pair of scissors  instead ! It solved the problem admirably . Creative thinking for a practical use .

How about a website devoted to writing scenes for comedians ? You may be too shy to be a standup comedian yourself but have a gift for writing funny stuations or scenes .

The above examples show immediate use of creative thought but some times it is required over a long period of time to achieve the realisation of a deam … For example  ….

For thousands of years men had the desire to fly  –just like the birds  ..However ” Everyone thought it impossible because both wood & metal were heavier than air therefore  ,the reasoning was , it would never be realised … Many  a brave soul launched themselves from buildings ; hills  &  in one case the Effiel tower in Paris in attempts to fly but with , in most cases , tragic results …

Then in 1799 an Engishman   Sir George Cayley  inscribed on a silver disc the outline plan of the worlds first modern aircraft  …This  ultimately led to him launching the worlds first man carrying glider in 1853  .. He needed a power source to give sustained flight but it had to wait  50 years for the wright brothers to produce this and achieve sustained flight.

The creativty of the wright brothers included solving one of the biggest problems of flying — control  . The brothers solved this by studying  Buzzards and the way they used their ” flight feathers ”  They invented wing warping to control their machines ..  creativity is often realised by using one idea in a different way or setting ..

Some times creativity is shown by asking a question which requires a creative solution .


                                Can you think of a question that would help to solve a problem ?

MAREK      flight7


Ideas from     —   www.yobrain.com       www.blog.yobrain.com    What is your idea ?

Enhance your creativity ; test your ideas . Use your brain  on   www. yobrain.com 






m ?


The eternal student – part 2

The Eternal Student-Part 2

Since John Reese made his comments  – see part 1.  A huge problem has appeared making  it very difficult to be commercially successful on the internet ; part 2 will address this    —

The :  ” Eternal student .” Understands life is about learning  ;  humans are inherently questioning creatures that is why there is a world wide trend to : “Education for life “Partly brought about by the change from :  “Jobs for life “To workers having to retrain possibly three or more times  ( This now presents  immense possibilities to formulate niche’training courses for this huge market  )

However within the last decade  a huge problem has appeared – the vast increase in the amount of information now available ; the difficulty for any ” Newbie ” Is how /where to access the most valuable training material in the shortest possible time .

One thing the Internet business student learns quickly – life is too short to waste on simply learning or attempting to absorb  all areas of knowledge. It has been stated that the last man to know everything was ; ” Sir Issac Newton ” . who , In the scientific field , could keep up with the latest . because  In his day  scientific ” Papers ” were few compared to today :  with  thousands of documents ; studies; surveys conducted  & released every day  . This activity results in billions of pages of information released every year . ” Googles ” Data base alone adds millions of pages each week ; The project ” Google Print ” Seeking to add whole sections of the worlds major libraries !

There is only one practical solution – for the student to focus on one area of business interest whilst being aware of related & some  unrelated fields  fields .    (  See the : ”  User Guide ”   )  For the individual the question is – Which area of business should  i pursue ? What  knowledge base is required for ultimate success . How do i find it ?   Finding the answers to these questions  first  can save an immense amount of time & money  .

The majority of the top internet Guru’s had to learn the hard & expensive  way  by trial & error — one confessed to spending over $ 350,000 on educating himself – you don’t need to spend that amount but , in general you cannot get good quality knowledge cheap , most who have spent a great deal of time  & money acquiring it want to get some return .

Often this  knowledge is in the form of training & developing products into improving R.O.I (  Return  O  Investment  ) Thus the Eternal student can reap the benefits of his education . Whereas initially knowledge is gained to build a revenue  generation system – exponentially this becomes , in time , valuable intellectual property increasingly saleable when developed as a product or service – this might be software or marketing strategies to increase website traffic  or how to write quality blog content . These then become an asset which can be sold to a inhouse list or via an affiliate program .

There is obvious need to invent & improve products  with the originators reaping the major reward – as well they should for their input of time ;money & research to produce the latest .

The eternal student is well placed if his /her education is centered building a quality “ core knowledge  base “ .This becomes the  resource for the student being able to use his creativity to express his unique skills in building his  own  intellectual property.

All entrepreneurs want to speed up the learning process ..To do this requires asking the right questions .

Where can i find the best mentors  so i can  learn the underlying basis for success  ?

How do i know which are ones will give me the best return on my investment ?

Once you have basic quality knowledge you can enhance your creativity & apply it ..

( 1 ) The invention of a unique product or service .

( 2 )  The formulation of an original business model .

( 3 )  The marketing of the business .

It is true you can buy ( 1) & ( 2 ) in a box , or so called ” Turn key businesses “. but often these dont bring long term success because they are ” Clones ” of the original .All competing for the same customers .

Originality has its own rewards & is the reason Yobrain aims to stimulate creativity – If you aim for finding your unique self & building your own  ” Value proposition ”  Then express it  in a compelling way your on the road to success .


There needs to be a Part 3 .  Answering the obvious question  – Can you find me   ” Core knowledge base  ” ?  The answer is in the “  Creative Core compendium ” A resource to include this information ….If you wish to be informed when this is published email us to list you .                                               <     info @yobrain.com   >


Feeder to – Open source collaboration ;  Brain research ; college students .

www.yobrain.com     www.blog.yobrain.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ———————————————————————————————————————–







The eternal student – part 1 .

The Eternal Student-Part 1

In case you have never heard of John Reese  – He’s the first Guy to generate over $  1 million in less than 24 hours  on 17th August 2004 ; with the release of an information product .

Although this is over 10 years ago we can learn a valuable lesson from his comments .. John’s ” Overnight success  ”  was really the result of over 16 years experience in marketing . You might think he would be satisfied ? But his comments on a newsletter soon after the event suggests otherwise – and goes some way to explaining his achievement .

Research & learn new strategies & methods

One of the most powerful ways to leverage the “Brain power ” of others is to study what they are doing . It is critical that you constantly seek new ideas & strategies . One of the best ways to do that is to actually buy products .

Many people cry & moan about  “spending too much money on courses and info products ;

They just dont get it …

If you can learn just ONE new strategy or technique from a product that you can immediately add to your ” gradual improvement “process and make more money ,on a day to day basis ; YOU MUST DO IT. The price you end up paying for a marketing course or new e-book is PENNIES compared to what it can produce for you in additional profits .

The problem is that most people that buy marketing courses and training  DONT USE IT . Thats right ; they dont take any action to use it in their business. So of course , they are wasting their money !

I personally , buy  ” EVERYTHING “I can get my hands on . If you come out with a marketing course or product that promises to teach something you’ve figured out, Ill buy it RIGHT NOW .

Why ? Because all i have to do is ream one little new thing from you to make a fortune  from it .I am constantly seeking positive results that are created by new strategies; and so should you .

Marketing courses and products yield one of the highest returns on investmentin the world .But you have to apply the new ideas.

A lot of people cry and moan when they buy a new marketing product and say ; “Man , that sucked , most of what was in that product i already knew “.

HELLO DOWN TO EARTH DUMMY ..the true valuei is in the few NEW IDEAS that the product contains . People shoundn’t be so quick to focus on things they already know, they should be seeking  NEW  ideas and things they can immediately implement to make more money .”

End of quote  . ( John Reese  )

The attitude of wilingness to learn, irrespective of current achievements is a main characteristic of the majority of highly successful entrepreneurs , they continually seek out sources of new ideas , trends in info . products .

It is one of the best ways of increasing assets – be it intellectual property  ; co – ventures; co – publishing  ; new marketing strategies ; with the intention of adopting elements own services  or products or inventing new ones .

This learning progress is never ending and richly rewarding as the success of these ” Eternal students “testify to  Being called a student might seem , to some to suggest a beginner or immature person but the tag “Eternal Student ” Is really a compliment  suggesting open mindness  –  some one willing to consider that others have brilliant ideas which when adopted / modified will enhance your business .

This eager to learn attitude has other benefits as others will more readily contact you as you buy assets and ( perhaps ) promote their products , strategies – the more products you review and assess the more you have to select to use or do Co ventures ;  Education – ” On the fly  ! ”

You will have noticed the word new in bold a number of times , what John Reese & others may not have known is how the Brain responds to new ideas  ..In fact the brain is changed by new ideas when applied with passion ..The mission of   yobrain.com is based on this –We call this :  “ Parallel leverage

Ideas beget ideas  but they must be new with feeling ….more in the:  User guide  &  The 12  Animation training modules .


Feeder to open collaboration  in Universities  ; Research                              www.yobrain.com


Sign of a tsunami – a little bird told me !



What lessons can be learned from the terrible disaster  which struck Asia on December 26th 2004 ?  Especially is it possible to have early warning systems in place & save lives should such an event happen again  ?

It is true there has been much research done & systems set up to give early warning   –  However  there can be  problems with man made devices ; a tropical storm could put fine tuned technology out of action ; generators can be destroyed by flooding , etc .

I recently visited a relative who mentioned that in a recent disaster no animals died . Whilst another asked : ” What happened to the animals ? ” Up to then i had not thought  about animals in disaster areas but it brought to mind the  “St Helena ” volcano eruption some years ago when some tourists had died  but no animals .

St Helena  volcano eruption

A report described the frantic rush of aimals & other creatures away from the volcano effected area . This exodus , included snakes ; insects & birds – leaving an eerie silence some HOURS  before the final explosion which killed the tourists.

Further research shows that there is an immense body of information , giving compelling evidence that early warning of impending disasters is given by wild life .  The following account relates to the tsunami of 2004 .

Early warning in action .                                                                                                                                   There is an Island called ” Sentinal ” Between India & Burma -It is inhabited by a 100 strong tribe  who survived theTsunami , thanks to skills reading the natural environment . “They knew immediately some thing was wrong . ” Said a relief worker .                                         Hours before the killer wave  landed  some tribes people were hunting in the forest, others across shallow water seeking marine food . Then streams of ants & other insects began pouring out of the ground and  headed uphill – soon after the sea receded- the Sentinelese followed the ants example , all were safe when the tsunami struck .

  Is it now possible to think of a  disaster warning business with both commercial and humanitarian implications ?

How satisfying to invent something to save ,perhaps thousands of lives every few years .The creatures themselves already comprise the early warning  trigger in ALL areas (  This is so important because tens of thousands of tourists are in areas were no man made early warning system are available . )                                                                                                                              It requires  real creative thinking  ” Use your brain ! ”  Could this be an educational project in the countries most vunerable to disasters  ?  Much research needs to be done on our relationship to wild life creatures : Is it possible  a mobile phone appication could be invented which could pick up the unusual movement &  electro  magnetic  aura all  creatures  , as well  as humans have ?

Could this be an ideal subject for a competition  ?   They could call the mobile device .

” The bird ! ”

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Graduates use yobrain.com

Graduates use yobrain.com-1
“Yobrain ” is a free user brain trainer helping students bridge the gap between education & work . It enhances their creativity & builds global contacts , in real time – valuable for both
Startups & careerists .
  Captains of industry ;Economists  & Educationists , continually request a new generation
of skilled workers for this  Biodigital age of innovation .A top down approach is not
happening quick enough.” Yobrain ” Uses ” Open collaboration ” to replace Academic intelligence with Creative intelligence as applied to business .
 This new approach is based on the latest research on how to train the mind .
The system builds an archive of original business ideas to test & progress – increasing their value by using a global voting system to collate customer lists . Marketing training is
delivered by monthly animation modules .
 The founder says ” We are inviting  undergraduates  from the world’s 22,000  Universities , to help us test ; customise : & launch the project :  enabling any person , anywhere ; of any
status to achieve their potential by using ” Yobrain.com  ” —   Via both static & mobile devices to input their unique talents  .”

The brain project — business revolution @ internet now

 Business Revolution @ Internet Now
Throughout world governments ; business  organisations & educationists there is a constant cry for innovation ; ” Invent or die ! ” Is the mantra .
This results in a mass of  articles ; white papers ; conferences and countless T.V. programs  presenting entrepreneural activities , as well as interviews with the wealthy –  “How they did it “.
Many suggesting ways of inducing a climate of innovation & creativity  education to catylize the worlds economies .
There appears to be a general consesus among world economists that a radical change  in the educational systems is needed if the next generation of students are to have the skills for the ”  Biodigital  age “.  They suggest a move from academic intelligence to a more creative intelligence approach .
We need to explain that creativity is generally thought of as to do with Music; Dance ; Theatre ; Media  ie ; More to do with entertainment ; whereas  in reality creativity knows no boundaries & for the purpose of this project is more akin to Science ; Biology ; Technology .
Thank Einstein ; Wright bros; Jobs ; Berners Lee  ; Edison ;  Crick ; —  etc
Will such a change occur in the present educational systems quickly ?  The authors experience in teaching creative subjects over 50 years suggests  ” No “. Not in any significant way .Almost all curriculii is formulated by academics for academics  ; few of whom have commercial  experience  in the area of -Open collaboration  ..
Attempts have been made to induce creativity related to product design & other aspects of business .
                                            For example  ;     ” The Robinson report  “
                                                                              ”  CBI -report ; ” All our futures  .”
                                                                                 Recent report by Jamie Mitchell   —-
                                                                              ” Enterprise & youth unemployment .”
Only a few teachers have been able to implement the directives with  fewer still understanding the implications of the huge changes taking place effecting the job markets .This includes the move to online shopping ; open collaboration ; crowd funding ; crowd sourcing  ; and the social changes effecting the educational needs of all students …the other huge factor is the increasingly global outlook of students  , their increasing understanding of how things work via freedom of information & easy access to it.
It appears that change at the required speed will only come with a bottom up approach .                     .
                    How this can be achieved is  the essence of the  brain project                                             .
             The word ” brain  ”   ” Stands for  ; –   Business Revolution @ Internet Now . “
creativitKeeping in mind that creativity often requires a almost anti  – logic  approach .It is reasonable to assume that among the millions of  individuals ; educated & uneducated
a  percentage  have ideas , which if realised ,would be of great benefit to mankind .
There is only one way to find out ..Invent a way to to give the worlds “Dreamers “. Opportunity to test their ideas in some risk assessment system .
The risk being  that a particular idea  is worth investing time  & money to realise its potential ?
This is a question both entrepreneurs & investors need to know ..If only some method be found to reduce risk by   5 %  It would save millions & an immense amount of time .
Even better a technology to save  time & resource  at little cost or even free !  Most attempts have failed in the past because in essence there is only one way to know if something works   — by  testing in the market place with sufficient numbers to give  reliable results .
Currently millions of ideas reside in the files of Investment bankers ; further millions in the archives of Universities & research departments of many companies throughout the world . The cost of producing   &  storing  these submissions must run into millions annually .
Would it not be beneficial if at least a % of these archives could be tested cheaply . If entrepreneurs knew investors had such a risk assessment tool to test their business idea along side their paper proposal would it not be more encouraging than the current system which often results in 95 % or more thrown into the bin without the Executive summary being read ?
                                              Currently ————-
                                                              A        Millions of worlds rich & poor have unrealized dreams .
                                                              B        The world needs Innovators .
                       How can we help ” A  ” Realise their dreams ?
                       How can we help  “B ”  Supply innovation ?                                                                                        .
                 The solution must meet the following criteria … .                                                                         .
                                                           ( a  )   Must be free to user .   open to all .
                                                           ( b )    Global exposure to every culture to ensure good tests .
                                                           ( c )    Enhance creativity as part of the brain training program.
                                                           ( d )   Search facility for original business ideas .
                                                            ( e )  Free brain  training for all with animation for illiterate .
                                                            ( f )   Means to build customer lists as part of idea test..
                                                            ( g ) Training for users to find their unque skills .
                             There is only one place to find the solution .. THE HUMAN BRAIN .                           .

The vast majority of creative thinking / brain training programs involve games; puzzles;problem solving ;riddles, etc.At the end of which the brain may well be stimulated.;but to what ends? The greatest improvement ( life enhancement ) comes when whatever you are learning adds value to your life and others.

As our time is most precious any method which combines enhanced creativity and at the same time produces something of practical & immediate value would be welcome.

Use parallel leverage

The method Yobrain is testing is called “Parallel leverage” The complete system may well be unique : you can judge this.

In essence the training program to improve commercial creativity is integrated with the progress of ideas in real time–these ideas validated by testing them in world markets…

The system enables the student apply knowledge immediately.by getting “traction” (  See investor section in “User guide”)

The testing results in real value..1…Numbers interested in the idea     2    Downloads of your lead generator   3       Income generated from your product…

For more information  ;   Study the free ” User guide “ Top right on this page.

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